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Big Mouth Lyrics

Beelow – Big Mouth Lyrics

* A re-issue of the original "Ballin' 4 Billions"


I'm tellin' ya, brah
Them boys ain't got no deals
I don't even know why they put that on there

Chorus [Thug Addict]:

You got a big mouth, big mouth
A big mouth, a big mouth
A big mouth, a big mouth
Mouth almighty, Mouth almighty
You got a big mouth, big mouth
A big mouth, a big mouth
A big mouth, a big mouth
Mouth almighty, Mouth almighty

First Verse [C-Murder]:

Run your muthafuckin' mouth like you a broad or somethin'
These niggas actin' like they muthafuckin' hard or somethin'
I'm from the cold-hearted streets of the cp3
The Calliope, where the other niggas just like me
And bullet proofs on my muthafuckin' ass my nigga
Cuz when I bust I hold 'em up and let'em laugh my nigga
I got some soldiers on that tank, that would ride for me
My brother Silkk, even told me he would die for me
You want beef? Or do you really even know what beef is?
We go to war, it's gonna be kinda hard for you and your kids
My money too long, and my clique too strong
And when it's on, it's on
Put the chrome to your dome
M-11's in the back of the benz, ya dig?
Just in case you get slack from your friends, ya dig?
Nigga you doin' too much, that's why your ass got touched
You got a big mouth fool that's why I fucked you up


Second Verse [Thug Addict]:

You wanna stay in my business, tellin' my girl this tellin' my girl that
Runnin' your trap, speakin' to me tryin' to gimme some dap
All that yappety-yap, talkin' that bullcrap
Tell them people bout my business talkin' behind my back
I don't like that
And around your mouth'll get you killed right fast
And I can see straight through you like glass
All that talkin' and tellin' and snitchin'
Tryin' to knock me out of position
All that he say, she say, they say just make my day
Man, you hear what Thug did with ol' girl around the way
Talkin' loud, but ain't sayin' nothin'
Stuntin' and bluffin' gone get'cha caught up
Get'cha sowed up
You tried to get in that water
But it was harder that you thought up
I'm the nigga that tell a daughter
I says Mama, tell her Mama that I sexed her daughter
Shit and ran a train on her
You just mad, cuz you couldn't do that
Now you spreadin' them lies
Actin' your shoe size
Can't even look me in my face
Can't even look in my eyes
But that's alright, cuz when I catch'cha I'ma catch'cha
And I'll bet'cha never ever ever ever ever ever ever
Tell a lie, run your lip
Talk about this nigga right chea
Talk and stuff
When you're nothin' but bluff
Hey man you talk too much
Home boy you never shut up
You got a big mouth, a big mouth, say what?


Third Verse [Beelow]:

Hanh what? Hanh boy, you all know me
You say we related how the Hell could it be?
I never seen ya out my house or at my family cookouts
When you say you my cousin, what the Hell you talkin' bout?
I'm that balla you wants to be, but your paper ain't long enough
With that broad you want to be with, but your game ain't strong enough
Come with that yakkety-yak, cuz you know I'm a star
You should spot me when I'm flossin' in a big body car
You always talkin' that noise
Actin' hard wit'cha boys
But you won't even look my way, you know I'm packin' them toys
Boy, ah-ah, but you be runnin' your mouth
Boy you talk so much, you talk worse than Bell South
Now I done hooked up with that tank you best respect it
C-Murder and Beelow straight flossin' Ballin' Records
All up in a nigga biz
Who you think you is?
Talkin' to them people bout to get'cha tail killed, wootay
Everytime I come round
You sayin' you wanna be down
But see I know you'z a hater plus a big mouth clown
You got a big mouth, you can't keep your trap shut
I guess I gotta close your eyes and seal your lips up

Chorus (1/2x)
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