Oceanview is like nowhere you've ever been before
Gypsy haven, whiskey heaven, white trash shangri-lai
The only way I believe I will be able to leave is in a pine box
Now that's a fuckin' shame

Knee deep in hooker c**
She fits so nicely in the trunk
Body parts work well as chum
I do my part to clean up the streets

Pro-active in every phase
The ocean makes infidels pay
Time for the rise of shame
Get down on all fours, I draw my clawhammer
And reign down it's vengeance on whores

If you want crack, you got it
I will put the brakes on self indulgence
Your sunken eyes bring disgrace

I'm nature's helping hand...

I'm tired of whores and junkies
I look around and don't think it's just me
Take a long walk off of Harrison's Pier
And drown, where the sewer meets the sea
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Where The Sewer Meets The Sea Lyrics

Beaten Back To Pure – Where The Sewer Meets The Sea Lyrics