Afterlife bedpartners
Soulmates grasping for straws
Tomorrow's a better day, waste of slurring season
Too much time remains
Your god has left me here to die
Oh lord unsatisfied
Am I coming on to fucking strong?
Then I'll put your body in a dumpster

Choke on my tongue
If you want me too
I don't need this
And I don't need you
You fuck me
Feed me to the sharks
It all works out better in the end anyway

See me falling
And you won't catch me
You know I feel it [x2]
Don't forget who you're talking to

Mainline Marlboros
The truth comes seething through
I know where I belong and it's not with you
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Shards Of Mason Jars Lyrics

Beaten Back To Pure – Shards Of Mason Jars Lyrics