It's a real fine mess
That you got us both into,
It's a broken song and the
Words don't rhyme.
If I knew back then you'd
Explode on contact,
I would've left you still
In your world disguised,
Scream and fight for all
The wrong reasons,
Love the taste of blood
On your claws,
Well here's a little note
So long, now I'm leaving.
Dogs at bay are screaming,
Cats are scratchin' deep.
Valentines are bleeding.
You're not what I need,

Find your destination,
In your danger zone.
Lover's leap is waiting,
You can jump alone.
You know being with you is
Like matches at a gas pump,
Walk a fine line and rollin'
Them dice.
Somebody said how I'd live
To regret you,
Well I took that walk
And I fell through the ice.
You're not all there,
You engine's been missin'
Lights are on,
But nobody's home.
You're just a few sandwiches
Short of a picnic.
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You Can Jump Alone Lyrics

Baton Rouge – You Can Jump Alone Lyrics