Haven't seen you lately,
How you been?
Are you comfortable
Or scared inside there?
Now I heard
You toughened up your skin,
Well that's wonderful,
'Cause life's not real fair,
You can never hide from the
Truth inside,
You can't run into
Your shallow reason,
When you search your soul,
Fill the empty holes,
Hope you find it
When the truth's in season,
I hope you know
Your sin's allowed,
Hear me through the
Silent sound
Soul to soul,
You're gonna have to
Shelter me,
Everybody take a fall,

You're gonna have to
Shelter me from the candle to the
Lonely years,
You externalize to calm
Your senses,
All your drive is covered
By your fear,
Not sensible,
But so defenseless,
You can say it's me,
I can point at you,
I can stand and claim
I'm Old Prince Charming,
I don't mean to preach,
Different tongue I speak,
But the attitude is so
I hope you know I understand,
I'm guilty of my
Heart's demands
I'm driving in the coming rain,
I'm needing what you
Hide away
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Shelter Lyrics

Baton Rouge – Shelter Lyrics

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