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The Breaking Of The Fellowship Lyrics

Barroquejón – The Breaking Of The Fellowship Lyrics

In Parth Galen they are
To the east, Tol Brandir
[Aragorn:] "The delayed day we've now reached"
The Bearer must decide by his will

Eastwards with Boromir
Or westwards, to the dreadful Shadow
Frodo to the Amon Hen went on, looking out...

... For the decision
He sat down upon a flat stone
Thoughts from past, since they left Hobbiton,
Delegated the take of choice

Frodo awoke suddenly
Unfriendly eyes were on him
[Boromir:] "I was afraid for your deeds"
Boromir said to the hobbit

They spoke about destiny
The man insisted about the ring
His face was eager and his eyes shinning!

The Hobbit moved away
Till the great flat stone stood between (them)
Only a thing there was to do:
Pull the Ring out just to slip it on!

Up he ran till Amon Hen summit
And stood there before...

A shadowful mist world
He saw from Seat of Seeing
Signs of war were everywhere found
Barad-dыare prevailing immeasurably

He felt the Eye was aware of his gaze
While all hope left him

Just in time another power came
[Gandalf:] "Take off the Ring, you foolish hobbit"
He did so, and found his way cleared
His will was firm for the starting way... To Mordor!

Frodo reached out Parth Galen and started the onshore
But while it just began the embark
A well-known voice came!
"Sam I'll go to Mordor, till the end,
In the last chance for covering the Quest"

[Sam:] "Master, I'll follow (you)"

And thus, both, settled off, vanishing down the Anduin

The One Ring goes in course for the Orodruin
The Breaking of the Fellowship was completed
The Bearer and Sam go for the last chance
In the fog they will restless fight for us all!
For us All!
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