Ghan-buri-ghan already stayed behind
At the front icy winds change
Armies of Rohirrim advancing!

Thйoden gets prepared
To have a wrathful break through
Gondor is in flames
The war is announced in Minas Tirith

"Spear shall be shaken
Fell deeds awake: fire and slaughter
A sword-day, a red day,
Ere the brightful sun rises! "

Йoreds to the field
Pelennor roars strenuously
The dark goes away
For a moment they sang as they slew!

But soon evil shades
Return and watch out for the King
The Lord of the Nвzgul enters to kill!

Snowmane fulfilled in horror
Crashed upon his own side
A black dart had pierced (him)
The King fell beneath him

Alongside Dernhelm was not so
And stared stumbleless there
Facing darkness with courage
Before Evil protecting his own kin
His own kin!

Merry struggles to combat
Page of the King
Йowyn and the Nвzgul
They enter to fight!

The Ringwraith rushed over her ruthlessness
Unloading the mace
Йowyn stumbled

Merry reacts stabbing his sinew
Nвzgul in pain
Uncertain end!

Struggling up the lady in assembled rage
Broke her sword into de Ringwraithґs mantle!

Meriadoc, in courage, blinded in tears

[Thйoden:] "Farewell Hobytla"
Gone has The Old King
Йowyn with him...

... Save new king of the Mark, Йomer!

The battle in Pelennor fields
Was far from a sure end
Haradrims with Nъmakil
Osgiliath followers!

Then suddenly in the Anduin
Ships came over from seas
"To hope's end we have now reached
Now for wrath, now for ruin, now for a red nightfall! "
Claimed Captain Йomer to his roughful people

But the standard from the foremost ship was not black
It flowered with a white tree and seven stars, and within

Legolas and Gimli
Aragorn and Dъnedain
Mordor Darkness out!!!
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The Battle Of Pelennor Lyrics

Barroquejón – The Battle Of Pelennor Lyrics