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Slumlord Millionaire Lyrics

Barren Womb – Slumlord Millionaire Lyrics

I'm glad you took so much and left nothing for me and my family
Because there's little we enjoy more than absolute poverty
I bet you wouldn't even spit on me if my hair was on fire
One of many reasons I'll be the first in line to dance around your funeral pyre

Slumlord, your break is soaking, dripping wet, it's built to spill
Affor a heart or drown in regrets, you've had your fill

Life is cheaper than the rent in this garden of sculptet cement
All vice and misery through history since we became your residents
My stomach turns evey time that orchestra of gold teeth twist into a sneer
So how about you do the world a facor and take a long walk off a really short pier?

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