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Crook Look Lyrics

Barren Womb – Crook Look Lyrics

“The people are sleeping, so please watch your step”
We don't want to wake them and have to kill them just yet
If you drug them up then I'll start robbing them blind
And if it all goes as planned we'll leave a ruin behind?

A foul wind howls and a white moon burns bright
As the get-away car slashes through the night
No pigs on our tail, no eyes in the sky
“Guess those pay-offs played off” I mumble bone-dry
“So what will you buy with your share of the loot?
A yacht, trophy wife or another thousand dollar suit?”
“Well how 'bout we just torch it? I've no need for more junk”
We both burst out laughing when the children scream from the drunk

With dawn fast approaching, the city draws close
Time to suit up and bring world to new lows
“Could you drop me off here? That's my office right there”
“See you next Sunday, we'll lay another home bare”
The sidewalks fill up with degenerate swine
Marching in line to get to the factory on time
As long as the wheel turns they'll dance to our beat
Endlessly building this gigantic trash heap

We want to watch the world burn
And sell the ashes to the highest bidder
There's still gold in the streets
Close your eyes and we'll see you down the river

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