I used to be blond
I used to be a terrible man
I used to be a psycho
I used to be [?]

I used to be a [?]
But I just couldn't worship me
I used to be [?]
20 reruns too

Oh help me baby
Look at me I'm drowning
With my clothes on
With my clothes on

Been listenting to too much
Info for mostly deep
Been getting all private lately
S***s gonna destroy me
I called the selector
But she just hung up on me
Said I'm gonna burn your house down baby
But that just excites me
Home girl rest in peace, rest in peace
Oh shut your mouth
I hear you calling
Quiet down now
Your not henry rollins
Ya e ya e ya e ya e ya e ya e

God created hip hop cause he never dug disco
Or so I was told
While your mommy when we hung out that night in san francisco
What does your mommy say about me baby
Baby baby baby baby baby

Oh I'm still drowning
Give me a [?]
Pull me on to the shore
Ya hoo
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Used To Be Lyrics

Bargain Music – Used To Be Lyrics