I knew this guy in jersey
Fuckers name was Scott
He used to listen to Cinderella
And pack his beagel aisle
Well that's jersey
He spent two months up in county
He said damn I don't deserve this lord
Look what's become of me

Please forgive me father
For I shot mom yesterday
I caught her with uncle Edward
I always thought he was gay
Well that's family
I'll spend my life up in county
Well I've been sitting here for hours
Damn I really have got to pee

I was eating at Jenny's kitchen
With Bud Gaugh, Todd and Jay
I got pulled away from my omelot
By policemen with pepper spray
Well that's Long Beach
All my friends are up in county
Did you see homeboy with that hooker
He's too ugly for one that's free
Well I'll see you in the funny pages
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County Lyrics

Bargain Music – County Lyrics