How could I be part of this foundation
Were facing the evilest places
Making this difficult for me when this world is racist
Destroying these faces making this planet erupt
Competitors entering the cycle their minds get stuck
Is it my fatality that causes deadly tragedies
Walking into my palm as I crumble their faculty
My reality huh
Consumes their mind like achy domes
Were breaking bones
And yes they bound to feel it
Is it my way of attacking
Or is it my pumping adrenaline
Giving them hell now
We hellbound before this earth quakes
Break like bitch
Taking mcs to the battle zone huh
We shatter bones like wreckless
Breaking them down like tetris
No testament would be upset if these whack mcs attacking me huh
Like two gangsters up in this gallery huh
They families just getting this bad news
But they battered and bruised
For stepping up in the skeleton school
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Theme From An Imaginary Porno Lyrics

Bargain Music – Theme From An Imaginary Porno Lyrics