Bound for you,
Down the old rainy road…
Railroad flats…
Dusty streets
That my feet used to know
Bought me back,
And the dawn was waiting there.
You were gone,
And I was never prepared.

Opened the door
That I closed long ago.
Fell inside…
Felt the room
And the carpet below,
Left behind.
And I saw the empty chair
Beside the wall,
And I was never prepared.

Walked the floor
Where we both used to lie,
All too close.
Fate was yours,
But the future was mine,
And I chose.
And I climbed the crooked stairs,
So resigned,
For I was never prepared.

I can tell
The beginning from end
In my soul.
I fell out,
Closed the door once again,
And I spoke a silent prayer…
Hit the road,
But I was never prepared.
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Prepared Lyrics

Barefoot McCoy – Prepared Lyrics