I was freed from the gallows with no reason why
The angel of death would not let me pass by
She screamed out my name and I answered the call
She said I could live if I learned how to fall

I walked off in the dark, no direction or aim
I lost my life’s meaning, forgot my own name
Of ten million strangers, I’m strangest of all
Forgot how to live, now I’ll learn how to fall

I’ve seen a newborn baby learn how to walk
I’ve heard an old beggar forget how to talk
I’ve met crippled men who are learning to crawl
The rest of their lives, they will learn how to fall

I believe in a world where the blind man will see
These rich men have wealth but will never be free
The globe may be big, but world is so small
You’ll learn how to live when you learn how to fall

I’ve swam all these waters and crossed all this land
But it takes one long year just to learn how to stand
The last bridge was burning by men who built walls
One hundred long years to learn how to fall
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Fall Lyrics

Barefoot McCoy – Fall Lyrics