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Calling Hours Lyrics

Bane – Calling Hours Lyrics

I've tried to hold what I can
You should see these scars that are on my hands

Letting go is never easy to do
Everyday's a new door that we all must go through
I've learned so much, you're never gone, my friend.
I know we'll meet the same shining end.

Forget the who, the what, the when, the where, the why
Did you love something with all of your might?

Sometimes it's death that sets us free
To ask for more, well it feels obscene

But what we had we will always have
I'm not afraid because I know that it was pure
And stands forevermore.

Forget the who, the what, the when, the where, the why
Deep down inside I know I tried
Did you love something with all of your might?

What's done is done the night takes everyone

As the shadows fall over town
And the sun sinks in the sea
All the wonder of what will wait
Is a whirlwind in me
Is the grass under the moon
Still growing and green?
When the sky begins to fall
Will love stand by me?
Are our fathers forever still?
Will our mothers only weep?
Does the dream of yesterday
Come true from a prayer on our knees?

You told me to "give everything" and now you're tired?
Then let's get loud and go out with open fire
Or make it intimate, hold you close with piano wire
I'll get so ugly that you'll see the best of you that I've admired

As you lose your breath
(but the shadow still remains)
I fucking hate that it hurts
(but the shadow will remain)
I'll shake these walls with your name
(but the shadow will remain)
Give you the loudest fucking echo
(but the shadow will remain)

Don't grieve for your own end before you have finished it
I'm only heading to the ground
I'd rather feel rage than apathy
You know that it breaks me slowly
There's endless promise in this
This being infinite
So take the twisted love for it with understanding
I'm not ready
This will only leave me losing more
When I follow it down
To a place where no one knows what we have done
Bleed out to feel
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