Poison my mind with your never ending lies
Corrupt my soul with your pollution cry
I'm losing my faith with all of humanity
I can't stop but wonder what you put...
Into my mind!

Twisting truth to your conventional reality
Force-feeding me with your pointless hypocrisy
Dost my world's shattered into a little puppetry
Don't you think I know the hate you put...
Into my mind!

Liar! You bastard deceiving twisted mind
Creator, you traitor, the most unholy kind
Death is the price you pay for your crimes
Mislead the jury they had to decide

No more shall I play your mindless little games
Never again be a puppet put to shame
I know the truth now, it'll never be the same
I give back all the shit that you put...
Into my mind!
Into my mind!
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Into My Mind Lyrics

Bane – Into My Mind Lyrics