Can’t hide from Orion
He’s bright and mad and I’m too drunk to walk straight
I’ll just end up like his lion
Roaring weak while he beats stars into my mane

Until all I see is black

I flipped a coin in the kitchen
She started crying when she saw it was tails
She said “I guess it means that I’m moving”
Bones rolled through the bird on her wrist like wind through a veil

You better not look
Cause all you’ll see
Is black

“Where do you think you’ll be going?”
I mumbled quietly through my chipped front teeth
But I don’t think she could hear me
For the screech of passing trains and all the sobbing

She dropped her hands from her face
I saw her bird fall how light bends
Then I thought of Orion
And if he could fall how her bird did then
Would he bleed out like prisms
All cut up and colorful
A constellation with a crack in his skull
A constellation with a crack in his skull

She said

Better not sleep
Like that cause all you’ll see
Is black
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Black Lyrics

Bambara – Black Lyrics