[A. I soar on the breeze]

I soar on the breeze
I soar on the breeze
Into the sun

I soar on the breeze
I soar on the breeze
Into the sun

I'm drawn towards the sun
And then we will be one
My soul will melt into the universe

[futureman] It's all a lie
[roman] you will just die
[futureman] so don't give in
[roman] for we can win

[B. Death's grunt]

I am the breeze
The bringer of rest and ease
I am the wind
The forgiver of those who've sinned
I am the storm
I blow the devil's horn
I am the fire
The source of lust and desire
I am the sun
The joining has begun
I am your fate
The guardian at the gate
I am death and I claim your final breath!

[C. The passing of an eagle]

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Cosmic Fusion Lyrics

Ayreon – Cosmic Fusion Lyrics