To entertain the court,
Ayreon makes up A song about the brave knights of the round table
And their journey to the isle of avalon in search of the holy grail.

Noble men in shining armour
Knights of the table-round
Go out and ride like thunder
Cross the sky at the speed of

Sound the horn, 'n blow the trumpets
Upon the castle wall
Now the quest has started
Listen to the prophet's call

Sail away
Sail away to Avalon
The journey has begun
Sail away through the night
Sail away, never die
The gods are at your side
Sail away through the night

Ride on the road to glory
Find the holy grail
And learn the ancient story
's more than just a fairy-

Tale about the key to life
And all it's mysteries
You'll find the grail within you
Slay the dragon in your dreams
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Sail Away To Avalon Lyrics

Ayreon – Sail Away To Avalon Lyrics