Verse1: like everyone say with just faith you can prevail
Life is crazy without my fanz something like being in hell
I keep rapping cause they repping and my name ringing bells
Females loving me so much my name imprinted on nails
Haters! yes it never fails so I keep spamming they mails
Cause they all getting drown out like ancient old wells
And I never stoop to they level cause I know my temper
If I get mad grab a shovel no one living to tell em
Yes I'm a very sophisticated being in a terrible world
Hated by plenty loved by many depends if they heart cold
And my fanz so happy um a mc like they just struck gold
Any other mc's that's got underground beef wit ya boy
I can't help my mind powerful and yall equivalent toy
Yes I rhyme I write my rhymes something you find annoy
But for my real true peeps that's holding it down
Opening the door so I can take my foot off solid ground
Um really liking yall I think uma keep yall around
If you aint a real fan I need to not make a sound
Cause the crowd cheering for me but you been kicked off my team
I'm real 100% the rest of you not what it seems
Yall scribbly and scrabbly um coming with lines
Even stevie wonder can see this and he is blind
I'm tallying and tallying my fame off the charts
Other lames rappers finish so heres where I'm gone start
But to my fanz my special fanz that's holding it down
You know who you are always motivate when I am down
Always message inbox when no one else comes around
Yall like my bride I'm bout to marry and extravagant gown
The one true fanz that's like avias if you believe we support ya
Some lyrics may be lame but you know how to work 'em
Thank you thank yall I can't thank yall enough
Understanding rap is hard and producing is tough
I love yall sincerely from my heart I mean no lie
Just writing this song a nigga was bound to cry
But I hold my head right up in the air
Cause soon the companys coming and I'll be rapping on air

Yo I love yall "my fanz"
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My Fanz Lyrics

Avias Seay – My Fanz Lyrics