New ra-ppers be aware avias is home
Ta-king over the rap game ohhhhhhhh

Yall niggaz so funny getting fame for the garbage
I'm back to claim my title so pay a nigga homage
Yall rapping so slow at a pace of zero
Talking cash cars and girls now we all know the pro
Avias seay saiva yaes or just call me da nemesis
Every rap bar yall start I'll be the one to finish it
First off I don't hear yall niggaz even spitting bars
My rap game so futuristic spit like I came from mars
Like katy perry said you are an alein
Cause I'm breezing through fake mc's take major lessons friend
And I don't rap for my health cause I'm bringing in a trend
Rapping real life shit not money to be spent
Catch yo breath real quick before you run out of time
This coming straight from a mentally twisted mind
Wrap my arms around you sorry you tried but failed
Like ursula give up the title sign your name destinys filled
Destiny is the fact that I can rap way better than yall
Everything I wear fresh yall sporting crusty drawls
And they say wheres remorse avias but every built tower falls
I aint leaving one rapper excluded this go for alls
I try hard not to address a hater but everyone come with balls
So we have a rap battle what's up next MALLS
Cause I got get my money anyway you pay it out
And lame rappers rap I take the title home no doubt
Bet 20 30 40 and I'll rap a hater up
And when I spit these bars everybody gotta duck
And it's gone me some real music never like that dude suck
All haters falling off my back like a tonka truck
Polk county what I'm repping if you wit me gone and step in
Before the band wagon leave you cut you off like dead ends
I reside in the suburbs take lessons from a pro
Google me avias seay da rap nemesis oh you didn't know
Niggaz please
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Mental Asylum Lyrics

Avias Seay – Mental Asylum Lyrics