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Tuesday, May 18 1993 Lyrics

Aus-rotten – Tuesday, May 18 1993 Lyrics

A day in the life of a never ending war
The killing still continues for more than fifty years before
By the time the war has ended a new one's just begun
Modern day is just the same no war is ever one
You'd think we'd learn our lesson
But it's so plain to see
Same old fate with a brand new date
Chalk up the casualties

As history repeats
Tuesday may 18 1993
How many millions died

By 1945
They claimed never again
But the nightmare's still alive


How many lives were lost
By the nazi holocaust
See history reappear
Ethnic cleansing's here


Commoners kill eachother anotyher racial riot
Ethnic cleansing is allright as long as it's kept quiet
The gods have called upon us to kill the hethen kind
The holocaust never happened excpet to the jews it left behind
Ignorance has triumphed so it's off to war again
Color and culture we're all still fucking men
Fashionable fascist fucks
War is just for profit
It's all the same to them
They'll send over out children
And fuck us once again

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