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Perverted Patriotism Lyrics

Aus-rotten – Perverted Patriotism Lyrics

Protection of their sick obsession's what they want from us Protection by means of bloody wars become their greatest lust Tripling their profits as we march right into warled are soon dead soldiers never knowing what's in storethey're looking down upon us sheep while we bow down to themwe die defending the country that's fucked us once againthey'll see us on the battlefield, they'll watch us in our homeswe realize that they're watching but our apathy has grownthey champion the living they'll march to our gravethey'll miss our blind devotion and the taxes that we gavethis isn't fucking patriotism it's marketing and selling warwhile these country's fucking morons only yearn for more and morecan't we see this sickness is a goddamn government gamevietnam and desert storm were both the fucking samethe conditioning propaganda is their most effective toolthey control these sightless masses who believe the people rulethis perverted patriotism is really fucking sickthe world's population sacrificed for making wallets thickthey have the masses brainwashed "we're so lucky to be free"They won't remove the blindfold fearing someday we may seefor if the people see the truth they might stand up and fightthe rich avoiding at all costs the danger of this sightso kick back and fullfill their needs and thank their watchful eyewe'll finally have our freedom underneath them when we diewe sing about our freedom while our lives are sold and boughtwe sit and count our blessings while our fallen "heroes" rotso listen to your leaders and pray that jesus savescause it seems that all they do, they do for fucking graves
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