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No Nazi Sympathy Lyrics

Aus-Rotten – No Nazi Sympathy Lyrics

Aus rotten po box 71287 pittsburg, pa 15213 U$A
"Fuck Nazi Sympathy 7"
Tuesday may 18, 1993
A day in the life of a never ending war/the killing still continues for more
Than fifty years before/by the time the war has ended a new one's just begun/
Modern day is just the same no war is ever one/you'd think we'd learn our
Lesson/but it's so plain to see/same old fate with a brand new date/chalk up
The casualties/(ch)/as history repeats/tuesday may 18 1993/how many millions
Died//by 1945/they claimed never again/but the nightmare's still alive/(ch)/
How many lives were lost/by the nazi holocaust/see history reappear/ethnic
Cleansing's here/(ch)/commoners kill eachother anotyher racial riot/ethnic
Cleansing is allright as long as it's kept quiet/the gods have called upon
Us to kill the hethen kind/The holocaust never happened excpet to the jews it
Left behind/ignorance has triumphed so it's off to war again/color and culture
We're all still fucking men/fashionable fascist fucks/war is just for profit/
It's all the same to them/they'll send over out children/and fuck us once
Vietnam is back '94
They're fighting another war at our cost/they're fighting anothewr war at our
Cost/bodies fill the bloody streets/bodies fill the bloody streets/they want
Another war... Vietnam is back/barricades and tear gas to keep us all in line/
Barricades and tear gas to keep us all in line/they make themselves seem
Innocent/they makes themselves eem innocent/they want another war... Vietnam
Is back/stand up against the mass/don't support them anymore/don't support any
Fucking war/they want another war... Vietnam is back
Fuck nazi sympathy
Don't respect something that has no respect/don't sympathize with something
That has no sympathy/don't understand something that has no understanding/
Don't give them their freedom, because they're not going to give you yours/
Fuck nazi sympathy/Don't give them their freedom, because they're not going
To give you yours
A. I. D. S.
The public's so fucking stupid, you've fallen for their lies/Believe in every
Word they say, you dare not criticise/"aids always existed, those faggots
Made it spread"/But you deserve to know the truth, before you end up dead/
(ch)the governments too powerful when they do whatever they please/they leave
Our planet dying and it's populus diseased/america made this virus, they also
Have a cure/but still they'll let it kill you, that's what they made it for/
The government has fucked us, what a big surprise/welcome to the human race
Where everybody dies/(ch)/the pentagons sick solution, to round up those
Infected/the military gets cured, while civilians gets ejected/impose martial
Law so they can "cleanse" this land/you've got fucking wake up and fight while
You still can/(ch)
Do you know where their childern are?
Do you know ehere their children are?... Do you care?/They're withering away on
Desert plains/rotting flesh in withering pain/sickle skelatons who sleep in
Piss/covered in flies and fucking shit/ do you care?/they're quarantined by
Barbed wire fence/filled with disease and massive stench/there is no shelter
They sleep on stone/they watch eachother turn to bone/do you care?/they're
Retarted zombies in huddled mass/left to rot like fucking trash/attention
Drops as bodies mount/too many victims to fucking count.../do you care?/
They're withering away on desert plains/rotting flesh in withering pain/
Sickly skelatons who sleep in piss/no human beings should have to live like
This/yet you know where their children are, you see the pain and the suffering
From your lavishly furnished materialistic shithole/you cry crocodile tears
For the poor wretched children that inhabit the two-minute time slot between
Your favorite sitcoms that seem to make everything better/who should you care,
After all, tehy're not your children... For now!
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