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We'll Never Make It Out Alive Lyrics

Audiostrobelight – We'll Never Make It Out Alive Lyrics

Some things should just be said
Some things are better left cold and dead
Sometimes you need to hold your breath and take the story to the end
All we thought we could be
All the sweetest memories
They made for a great story but now you could go on without me
Leave me alone tonight
The next six months won’t make you feel like remembering how you felt when you met me
And thought this was smart it will only get harder:
You’ll find yourself farther down a dark twisted overgrown road
We tried to pick up pieces in the dark
But you can’t really fix it if it never really worked from the start
And try as we might we’ll never make it out alive
These battle scars are oh so deep
The good fight was lost to your deceit
Listen good and listen to me
This is the only way it can ever be,
No way we’ll ever find our way back to that day last summer
You hid your eyes from the sun and me
As I led you to where I would leave
I looked you somewhere in the face where I thought your eyes might be
“We loved our city by the sea” I told her,
“There’s nothing left for you and me
Take a look and face your nightmares or you’ll never stop, never stop, never stop running.”
I guess the worst is over (x4)
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