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Divisions Lyrics

Audiostrobelight – Divisions Lyrics

Take a look yeah, one good look
And tell me then what do you see inside the picture your mind took
“two people with a shot at everything”
That’s what they would say when they would look up at you and me
We’ve been up yeah, way up high we were the best of friends we had the best of nights
But lately I’ve been feeling there’s a little something holding us back
What happened to the old days when I knew everything you were about to say
Not every mistake you were born to make
I’m already on the next page
And we might have had a good thing, but I guess in the it was never enough
Bad decisions bring good divisions
“Tell me I’m banking on something real:
“‘Cause baby if it doesn’t start to feel like it soon I’m fucking out of here, ” she said
And it might make for a better story if I told you that I couldn’t shake you
But even the worst times are starting to fade too, like pages in my mind
That are starting to wear through
But I guess here’s another song about someone not worth it all
She’s doesn’t want the “boy” in boyfriend just the “man” in romance
I start to think that I’ll never grow up and I missed another chance
So these are the new days
When I could care less about all that you have to say
And all the mistakes you are bound to make,
We were never on the same page
And we might have had a good thing, but I guess in the end it was never love
Bad decisions brought good divisions
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