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Phazes Lyrics

Audio Push – Phazes Lyrics

[Skit: Price and his lady]
[Price] Fuck! Finally get somewhere peaceful and quiet!
[Lady] I just... I can't... I just can't believe this is going on... What is happening?
[Price] I mean it's just... fucking IE, man... same old shit! And the little homie was supposed to be out of the bullshit, like... (Hmm) Told me he wasn't fucking around no more... told me he was out the way, you feel me? And it's... It's really fucking me up that he was out there!
[Lady] Babe... I mean... Baby... Honestly you can't stress too much, you gotta stay cool, and I mean... I know it's hard for people to get out of those streets, you know, sometimes niggas just don't get over those phases

[Intro: Price]
Oh, you made it
Alotta people don't make it this far
Niggas just [?]
I'll do a baseline for all of y'all
60 91, 10 10, all that
You dig?

[Verse 1: Price]
No registration on the whip, I got no real communication with my chick
Tryna grow into a real man, so I can show my son they do exist
[?] and a lotta people wanna see me quit
Niggas talk behind my back, they ain't ever phase me
You can call me anything in the world but lazy
How I go from getting D's in high school to A-list
How I go from "Teach Me How To Jerk" to "Oh, you made this?"
Platinum plaques just for ghostwriting for your favorites, yeah
Did a deal with Good Vibe Tribe, now I'm signed to me
You doing business with the side eye, that's a sign to me
They killing us with prescription drugs, but you blind to it
My ex told lies to me, but it didn't phase me, no
I used to take the bus to work everyday and I was never late
Only time I got to drive was when my mom and steppops had beef and I would have to get the car from the projects hella late when they was separating
The next day would be straight, nah it didn't phase me, huh
Signed a deal at 17, and almost had my soul lost
Provided videos and hits back to back, at low cost
The label gon' drop the ball and act like it's your fault
They tryna blackball our name, but it don't phase me
I remember [?] house party, thought the bullet grazed me, woah
Used to stuff our pants with more clothes and walk outta Macy's
Used to hit hoes and bandos, Empire babies
My mama told me I would grow out of them phases

[Chorus: Price]
(Going though) Phases

[Bridge: Price]
They gon' have to kick me out this bitch, 'cause I ain't finna leave
They gon' have to kick me out this bitch, 'cause I ain't finna leave
They gon' have to kick me out this bitch, 'cause I ain't finna leave
They gon' have to kick me out this bitch, 'cause I ain't finna leave
They gon' have to kick me out this bitch, 'cause I ain't finna leave
They gon' have to kick me out this bitch, 'cause I ain't finna leave
They gon' have to kick me out this bitch, 'cause I ain't
I ain't going out like that

[Verse 2: Oktane]
One minute, I'm all in love, next minute, you irritated
Fuck around and break up, you mad if I demonstrate it
Fresh up, head to the club, no dancing, a nigga hate it
But of course your friend see me on Instagram, I guess I made it
One minute, I'm real deep in my spiritual meditation
Next minute, I'm not sober at all, I'm levitating
Your girlfriend know all of my raps, her hella favorite
I done seen the world and did alotta things, I never hated
They wonder why my story always check out, that's my purity
These other niggas gotta poke their chest out, that's insecurity
Looked death in the face too many times, we almost homies
You still think it's all good on this side, yeah you don't know me
You only tough at home or on the phone, you niggas phony
Headphones on my ear means stop talking, nigga show me
Your girl calling me bro, is gon' probably forever throw me
'Cause the same mouth she say "I love you" with, she used to use to blow me
Guess we all go though phases
Everybody wanna trade place, everybody tryna get a placement
We all caught up in hell, everybody tryna escape it
Everybody talk about theyself, shit, I just figured I'd tape it
Never thought that I was gonna make it
And I think of my dreams, back when I was 14, and see that I'm living the same shit
And yeah it's cool and all that, but I never get attached, 'cause I know it's all just phases
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