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Throw It Back Lyrics

Audio Push – Throw It Back Lyrics

Blue 42, Blue 42
Hut, Hut, Hike!

It go 1, 2, you know what to do
Get on the dance floor, get it right
Now blue 42 throw it back, Hike!

Throw it back!
(Back 15x)
Throw it back!
(Back 15x)
Throw it back!
(Back 30x)

[Verse 1 : Pricetag]
Okay I like you little shape girl and your frame girl
Percy the Pimp yeah you know my name girl
Now bang out bang yeah your body bang girl
You better play your cards right up in this game girl
You the bomb girl encore goin clap that
We all about the cheese yeah we be the Rat Pack
Cassanova in the spot baby let us scratch that
Bend it over throw the snap ima quarterback that!

[Verse 2 : Oktane]
Me they call me Oktane wodie know the name wodie
And I like your little frame wodie, where yo mane wodie?
Well yo mane is a lame wodie still the same wodie
What's your number what's your aim wodie ain't no game wodie
Cause um I'm trynna party baby get me started baby
And you said you want Bacardi baby ain't no problem baby
Well um goin show it, you fine and you know it
Just listen for the hike and when you hear it go ahead and go



[Verse 3 : Oktane]
She told me um what's hatnin daddy get it cracking daddy
Cause this party is smacking daddy so what's hatnin daddy
Ain't you the one that be rappin daddy ya'll be slapping daddy
I can't control how I'm acting daddy where you after daddy?
I said wherever you want it momma where you going momma
You freaky you gotta show it momma let me know it momma
You got a man tell em' goin momma he don't want drama
I promise we'll head home momma all alone momma

[Verse 4 : Pricetag]
All alone never break mel know your body great mel
Don't trip off the fake nails let em' hate mel
You the baddest when you shake mel earthquake mel
Throw it down, Ima hold you down like a safe-belt
And I don't care about them dudes though I'm cool though
Get down I want you low make it move slow
My pockets fat you know like a sumo
Stop and dip, drop your hips, throw it back and cool low



Um, little momma bad
Yeah she real bad
You know what I say to them girls in the club looking real bad but just be frontin though
This what we tell em

Whoah! Whoah! Whoah! Whoah! What's hatnin! (x10)
Girl throw it back!
(Back x25)
Stop Playing!
(Back x25)
Girl throw it, girl throw it, girl throw it, girl throw it!

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