GEORGE (to himself, as he types)
"...Beluga caviar...
My finest vintage champagne...
And then a night of dance...
My ashes to be scattered
Among the vines at sunset..."

Oh, do stop planning your wake!
You're bound to outlive us all!

GEORGE (with a twinkle)
"...My funeral oration to be written by Giulietta

Rose, we should talk
I've got something on my mind.
It's Jenny,
Jenny and Alex
The whole thing's unnatural
For a girl of her age...

You needn't be anxious:
He's explained all this.
And she's no longer a child.
It's just that he's younger
And you're getting jealous.
Am I right?
Anyway, I'm filming in Paris,
And it's her birthday
We promised we would take her to the circus
George, you know that I'm right.

Maybe you're right...
Look, you're free to keep your lover
And your noisy Paris clique.
A man who's pushing eighty
Is not exactly chic...
But Jenny's all I have now
Don't let him take her from me...

My darling George, I love you!
How dramatic can you be!

You think that I'm dramatic?
If we don't take some action,
We'll be too late...
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George's Study At Pau Lyrics

Aspects Of Love – George's Study At Pau Lyrics