Marcel wants me in Lyon...
He says that I'm needed today...

Well, it must be important...

I won't go.
I don't want to.
I'll ignore it.

How can I desert you?
It's all so unfair,
So unfeeling!

How can you say that?
Don't be a fool, Rose!
You can't put me before your whole career!
You can't let feelings interfere --
You must go!

I'll pick up my script and my dress.

"A memory of a happy moment --
That's what this week will one day be..."'re wrong...

Marcel -- how could he have known where she was?
Unless she told him...or sent this herself.... And there was I,
Completely taken in, when she was going all along...

No, she couldn't...
Oh God, she wouldn't...
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At The House At Pau Lyrics

Aspects Of Love – At The House At Pau Lyrics