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Th9 Lyrics

Asian Dub Foundation – Th9 Lyrics

Written by: das, savale, zaman, pandit, thorpe

The police a chase we
The beast can't catch me
When I see his big stick
Him deal me a lick
Tower hamlets nine have to go free
Not even a fine
For the tower hamlets nine
Youth connection
Stop this infection
Defenfing defending defending the community
Some fascists in brick lane looking for a fight
Police doing nothing:
One rule for black
One rule for white

Adf, we're about to strike

Time is getting short
Elections in may
Give the fascist man a gunshot
That's the only way
There are many different languages spoken in this land
But only one language that the fascist understand
Why don't you
Kick the fuckers in the head
Kick the fuckers in the head
Why don't you?

Master d adlib

" every institution in this city, right
Is prejudiced against us
There's no accountability
There's no servant of the police force
Or his di or whatever
Who is accountable for his attitudes"

Our parents had to sit tight
Weren't allowed to fight back
Just a mental strain
Now I think I've found a remedy to this recurring pain
Not passive but resistant
Your assumptions were wrong:
Like coffee without milk (!)
Too black to strong
For too many years man you've had your fun
Now it's time
Now it's time
For us to hit and run
Cause we're second generation
But we're not second class
Now the wrath of the asian will hit you like a blast
Now the wrath of the asian will hit you like a blast

In this time there is no justice or peace
In this time there is no trust in the police
Quddus ali saw no justice or peace
Altab ali saw no justice or peace
Stephen lawrence saw no justice or peace
Too many people still waiting for release

Master d adlib
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