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2 Face Lyrics

Asian Dub Foundation – 2 Face Lyrics

Album: Enemy Of The Enemy (2003)

My ears are burning ,my back has started to bleed
I've noticed you only contact me when I've got some weed
And when I'm in need to help you with something you need to do
I must have been a fool cos now I see the real you
You couldn't even look me in the eye
I knew something was wrong you can't justify -it's all lies
Telling me other's business and telling me how they be
Come to think about it you could be doing it to me
The pieces of the puzzle are now fitting into place
I know what kind of person you are you're a disgrace
I don't hold a grudge even though what you did
I just can't trust you with absolutely anything
If I see you it just hi and bye keep going my way
Cos I've got things to do, I've got bills to pay
I've had enough of your two faced company
And that's the way it's going to be my friend welcome to reality
Remember the times it was cold outside
Everyone said blurt but I said na come to mind
Hours and hours of blazin', feel fine
did you think your parents would allow it at that time
I didn't think so well now you know how
It was growing up with ungrateful brothers about
makes me wanna scream ,makes me wanna shout
ask what I did for them and their mind blacks out
Day by day pushin me away others them a turn
others stayed tried to relate
to make me see I was wrong no it's too late
back biting,street fighting it the mess that was made
Great I spent half my life with you guys
Now you want to cut and rush me in front of my mothers eyes
I don't know why you did it and you was high
Two face people die twice no lie
To all them a boy them a liar liar
With their mouths on fire they say it's human nature
they are playing with lives
slowly burning wire
You'd better be aware cos in the end you'll suffer
Two Face,two bait when it's written on your face
Two fake, too straight when your out on the estate
after all the lies you've gone and spread about me
You put on your disguise and go on like we're sweet
Who needs enenies when you've got brothers like these
they be smiling when they're with you
but you know it's full of cheese
Oh please who else be trying to eat up our cake
Your'e two,you're two,you're two face
Cos they're the masters of deception
they wanna bring you down
your phone keeps ringing taking you for a clown
The threats keep coming make you wanna leave town
not before you find out who's behind this showdown
Your best friends been makin others real mad
you're tellin this dude eveything and now it's real sad
he's rollin with your enemies and now they seem glad
they know all they need and got their pen to the pad
So why do they do what they do against you
Fake arsed brothers you're life they want to screw
It's true when I say all they want is attention
to satisfy their needs with no consideration
To all those people who've got more than one face
You better be on your defense cos now were on the case
The mace that you sprayed has been cleared from my eyes
what comes around goes around you better realize
chorus 2

They come down your home pretend to be your mate
but deep inside their souls it's just you that they hate
And whenever you were hungry you placed food on their plate
and any time they were in trouble
you always helped them escape
Indirect or direct they try to put you down
put you down,low down,way down
underground with no sound
And all the bullshit that they talk
they can't just even hold down
with their mouth full of rubbish
they try to spread around

two face two bait
two straight cos man your two fake
every time we come around you know we penetrate
every time you come around we must eliminate
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