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Our World Lyrics

A$AP Twelvyy – Our World Lyrics

Uh, we up

[Verse 1: ASAP Nast]
Uh, Ass bouncing make that pussy twerk
Nasty finger fucker, make that pussy squirt
That pussy gonna work, get on top of this
I heard your brain good, well I'mma need lot of it
I'm like a college kid, give me knowledge quick, never stopping it
Give me head till I blast like a rocket ship
Then I might make your pockets thick
Got a few white girls, but they don't know how to ride a dick
From the back I'mma hit her with the hockey stick
Now she gonna need her a doctor and shit
Man I got this shit, I'mma lock this shit
Nast I'm straight from the swamp and shit
Paparazzi flick, want a shot of this but your mind too good
Fuck a Tank, I'mma pull up in a Tonka, bitch

My world, your world, it's all the same
We some young motherfuckers bout change the game
Nasty for hoes nigga stay in your lane
Sta, stay in your lane
I might make it rain and then disappear, I'm like David Blaine
In the air, see I got the chain, and my shine is sick nigga I'm the man

[Hook: ASAP twelvy]
Harlem world, grind vicious, asap team full of trill niggas
Harlem world, grind vicious, asap team full of trill niggas
Harlem world, world vicious, asap team full of trill niggas
Harlem world, grind vicious, pretty motherfucker's can't kill niggas
Huh, and what you know about that A bitch?


[Verse 2: ASAP Twelvy]
2 bitches in the back, they black and they white
Caught in the middle I'm straight for the night
Straight for the flight, day to the night
Young two twelve could've weighed in his Mic
Strapped up J's, ... pays, ... slash cocaine
I won't change, I won't change...
Fliest niggas on this earth
We chasing cash, we know to surf
Through the club, with your bitch
Word of ... she on my dick
I don't know her, I ain't hit, but I will, I ain't shit
Neither all these bitches see these bitches just be bitching
Cause a nigga palm itching, they be thinking bout that bitching
... I'mma get my cash, I'm swimming swag

Trap house full of trill niggas
With some bad bitches that's addicted to some real niggas
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