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12 Unleashed Lyrics

A$AP Twelvyy – 12 Unleashed Lyrics

I'm getting ghetto rich, fucking with his ghetto bitch
I'm leaving niggas left over right, using my mental fifth
I'm on the six train, next stop fleahouse
Niggas ain't Teyana but you know we got them D's out (?) but you know we got 'em deeds out
If she gained to full chain, now who bang?
We straight raw, we the '08 Wu-Tang (Wavy)
Su-Woo gang, I'm the truth mane
Act up, get hit with a bat man like Bruce Wayne
I ain't too sane, I'm a straight jackass
A cool kid, so you know I keep the black mags
My bitch super bad and she like to carry arms
She wanna bust the new heat, Shawn Marion
I still carry on, just bought the eagle
My bro got the piff, and my son is got the diesel
Your kid sister, I tell her keep her nails did
I call her Magnum, she always on Mel dick
I'm giving out gold wrappers, call me Willy Wonka
I holler 'Oh Woop' now they say the kid is bonkers
Call me Tonka rolling over competition
There is no equal for my black and white composition
I'm heating up, call me Johan Santana
Amazing Mel, black and red bandanna
Red Sidekick, texting at a high rate
Only 18, 40 bodies on MySpace
Get your uncle murdered but this ain't Def Jam
Pine box with his right over left hand
Philly flow with the swag of a Harlem nigga
I father niggas that be talking about revolvers, nigga
I'm in the booth with the hammer like Colin Ferrell
God body, hard body like I swallowed gravel
I get's it rocking, call me Matt holiday
I spits crack, just like I swallowed yay
I'm that nigga, just call me D-O-C
Shoot him up, he gonna need a D-O-C
Call D-O-T, tell 'em 'Don't call back'
Fuck a problem child, tell them niggas fall back
Kill a crip, watch my favorite color drip
Tie 'em down, roll 'em over, leave 'em like the number 6
The sun's out, but niggas keep throwing shade
Pass the Shaq, my nigga just throw the blade!
Load the gauge, aim it at his rib cage
Torture him, let him sit for like six days
I spit A.I.D.S, bang like 9 trey
Three niggas but we bang like 9 ways
They need Oscars, all these pussies act now
I'm about to quit, man
All these pussies rap now!
I'm so trapped down, and I got stacks now
Call us trash bags, cause we put stacks down
No disrespect, I don't mean to neglect
Ain't no streets so I run the whole Internet
I got next and my whole team got now
2-12 gang nigga, this is my town!
This is my (?) straight from an Arab
Your bitch, ya'll page from a (?)
I don't sell slash but I do make cakes
My flow Mystique, watch this bitch shapeshift
Popping like a freak bitch, all ya'll eat dick
I take my fitted off, I make the whole sea sick
These niggas need this, I spit straight crack
Go get it gang, A-B Street, A$AP!
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