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Stutter Lyrics

A$AP Twelvyy – Stutter Lyrics

[Verse 1: Twelvyy]
45 for the thrift store
Gotta AK need clips for
Gotta bad bitch need tits for her
She a road trip I'll flip for her
See Rosé from the fifth floor
Got Three C's like Rick Ross
Like Calico that criss cross
Crushing trips just to clip talk
Your bitch lost I'mma big boss
My bitch boss that shit cost
I'm in court with that Pitchfork
That hot I send for
Can't ignore young big dog
Better copy that like 10-4
This Mob shit get sinful
This squad shit get sinful
From [?] I been raw
I big body I can dog
I spray shit like O-Dog
I curve shit like "no dog"
Y'all soft shit like slow songs
Y'all so gone
Sayonara like so long
It's so on nigga
I'm so gone

[Interlude: Twelvyy & RetcH]

[Verse 2: RetcHy P]
Two ounce, that's one cup
Three xans and like ten blunts
Nodding out at that stop light
Doing drugs like I'm tryna stop life
I'm smoking big dope in a fast whip
If I see them lights flash then I'm smashing
I bought twelve percs and slid my brother five
Then split two with my niggas so I blessed the squad
I had one, I think I lost or might give it away
I ate three and saved one for a rainy day
When Actavis stopped that shit broke my heart
The world as I knew it, it just fell apart
But now I mix the cream with the Tech though
I'm on molly with ya bitch bumping techno
Nigga and never was that ever valid
Type of nigga go eat and just order salad
I'm on so much drugs I could fucking die
I'm so xanned up I couldn't even twist the La
And I really wanna do is fuck and smoke
Count money in my drawers, prolly on a boat
Have a mami slurp me down
Who you know do a show then go and work a pound
What's popping who you know
And I might sell it all in eighths
Then hit the road do a light lil thirty dates nigga
Catch me somewhere you ain't nigga
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