How can you expect me to dream when you're keeping me so awake?
It's a good question
In the dark I see dimensions, I leave my life, I lead dry eyes, I
Live more than I've learned, missed more than I've yearned
And try to hide my apathy once everything is burned
The age you see your dream and an idea are the same
The death of your entitlement is just a growing pain
No longer loving anger but I'm keeping it contained
So I can have a trace of youth aside epiphanies and shade
Yeah right, "shade", not born into that day
But they tell you to keep the faith so they don't have to pay
I know, I know, don't be a skeptic
So I'm just sticking around 'til my imagination do me proud
Because maybe that's all that's left
Breaking all the clocks until the dream is on
I can never rest until I make myself a perfect song
If you play the bets, I can tell you which are wrong, stitches long
Stories laminated buried in the desert find the X
Take a breath for the next contest
Who said, that's right, I can, mindset:
A.P. gave up blame, no need for a fake name
Learn how to spell it or read it off my grave
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Whispers Lyrics

A.P. Laurenson – Whispers Lyrics