Fantasy in reality is not what it seems
It's corrupted, finagled, obscene
Lost any desire for those big lips and fake tits
I now see their prerogatives, I don't want any part of it
It's be used or be the user, sweet dreams are made of these
No wonder these kids are reaching for triggers when they can't fulfill
Their dreams
Cry me a river and enjoy your nightly news highlight
A few more dead and nothing's changed, and Goldman Sachs still makes
The bank
And I just want enough money to stay inside my house and face no
A stockpile of videogames and the occasional family visit
Board up my windows like there's a zombie apocalypse outside
And the way things are going, looks like in a few years I'll be right
Despite my mood there's more to take, despite the gloom I'm still
Not down for the count, I'm bowing out
Can't trust what you thought you could, they've economized your
Retro is now fashionable, but don't complain, you wanted this
Now throw a fist, act like you're pissed, and make a stand with a
Mouse click
Disconnect and be a psychopath, evidently they want that
Don't get me wrong, this is a happy song, ran on a little long
But ultimately I think I've conveyed the feelings of age in a
Conscious brain
Without feeling regret, at least not yet, and not dragging my soul in
A realm of debt
Crack a good smile while there's still time
Then say you don't care but still go try
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Evidently Lyrics

A.P. Laurenson – Evidently Lyrics