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Angels Eternally Burn Lyrics

Antim Grahan – Angels Eternally Burn Lyrics

Once upon eternity
Their was the reign of mighty lords
But then the thorne came crumbling down
Dust and death was all remained
Heaven was turned to abbottoir
Only just few mere slaves were left

Prepare for thy doom

Listen to the hymns of hatred that i sing for thee
What u ever lie will never be denied

No time of joy
But just infernal pain
Reded the skies, never to fly
U'll have to die through blooded skies
Reded blood sky

As i weep my tears they burn
There shall be no more dawn
Eternal darkness now forever
I'm a spirit living in this curse
In thy world of insanity
I live on the edge
And angels eternally they burn

As they burn looking at thee
Sorrows burns and pain inside
Angels burn they'll never retreive
So die angel to escape this pain
Why can't you see my life
This spirit will never prevail
Can't u see, everytime
Angels, they burn
They eternally burn
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