Broken by thy shattered lie
As to live inside this lies
Ripped apart by thy fatal rise
The saying more into the veil
Forsaken forever life

Resurrection of the evil one
The good side in me has died
Buried deep inside this world
Rotting inside like a worm denied

She was the one to impure this land
Forever forsaken from the world aside
True massacre behind my eyes
Total darkness where I live in

Motherfucker nothing's that's all right
Leaving behind far behind
This is the place where land demised
This is the place where the god denied

Memories like the burning fire
Like these winds of cruel desires
Born again within my deadself
Never more to remember
Now I feel inside of my heart
The spark that has long died

Now I rise in my shell

Forever living forever dying
I am forever that man
Want to see this eternal land
But the fuck I get sorrow world

The trust is what forever been broken
Down fuck all you need of belial
Forever living forever dying let me burn
In my own desire

What you find to light upon me
Inside those lights what could you be finding
Only misfortune and sorrow

What could I have done to satisfy my eternal dark heart
In my mind there is only frost of burn of thy fate
Sanctuary of eternal black hearts
What I want just burn them all
Just no one could be denied
Only off pride survive
If you survive, you'll die inside
Sanctuary of eternal black hearts

I cry on my part for you
I welcome you to this sanctuary of the dead
Sanctuary of eternal black hearts
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Sanctuary Of Eternal Black Hearts Lyrics

Antim Grahan – Sanctuary Of Eternal Black Hearts Lyrics