I don't know what I'm gonna do but I'm sure that I'm through with you, you don't
Know what I wanna say, but ima say it anyway. I'm done with this fighting.
Don't talk, I'm gonna speak my mind. Don't say what's been on your mind cuz I
Know what I'm gonna do, just be through with youuu. I'm walkin away frum
This I'm tellin you I aint gon lie, but if you want me baby you'll see you
Gotta try.
I been on that drankin sippin down my days, but I guess I been thinkin
About our old ways. How we used to dream in the morning, and love all
Night. Everytime I remember your talkin I start to cry. But, I aint finna
Run that track again I aint finna see you boy again. I just wanna run away
From those lies, and remember all the good times. But I been fighting hard
Wit this feelin I been playin hard on my game, I been seein boys in tha
Evenin I've been lookin at all your ways, but now I see tha truth it aint
Nun to me baby I be done with, and now you done with me. Ooohhh yes
Baby I'm through you and now you gone through wit me
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Im Done Lyrics

Angel – Im Done Lyrics