Spent a lot of yesterdays
Worrying my life away
Got in a little to deep
Made a couple promises I couldn't keep
Ya I got my regrets
Some days I'd like to forget
But you make your breaks
And laugh at your mistakes

Looking back it couldn't be clearer
There's no future in the rare view mirror
I could wish my life away
But I'd rather live right now today
Tell me something you can't borrow
I'm sticking my claim on tomorrow
I like who I am and where I'm at (repeat once on third time)
And I'm never looking back

I got dreams that I'm gonna chase
And I might fall flat on my face
But isn't that what life's about
You either hit a home turn or you strike out ya
When I turn out the lights
I don't lay awake at night
'cause I'm okay and tomorrow's a new day Ya

(Repeat Chorus x1)

I'm not perfect but I'm trying to get it right
Taken one day at a time every minute of my life

(Repeat Chorus x1)
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Never Looking Back Lyrics

Angel – Never Looking Back Lyrics