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Welcome Home Lyrics

Andy Billington – Welcome Home Lyrics

Welcome home
So happy to see you
I've been waiting so long
To say those words to you
How do you feel
And where have you been?
I hoped that some day some way some day... you'd come

I knew it would be soon
I hoped you knew that too
I hoped I always always... knew

And now that you're here
So far from your fear
You know I'll always
Always be near

Welcome home, come back home, please come home

And I want to go home be alone with my Dictaphone
I know you'll be my backbone
You've taken this long to see your real home
Your life's been like a cyclone
Though your home before they'll ever see your headstone
Since that place that's shaped just like an ice cream cone
I don't want to be a Cornerstone drone
It all seems to crumble like sandstone
I know it all feels like it's on postpone
Though your soul is glowing like a gemstone
Still what you reap is just what you've sown
In the end it's all worth it though
Good can come from every broken bone
I don't want to go down with a millstone
Till the day I stand before you on the last day
And hear those words I've needed all the way

Throw me a line
Pull me out of line
I feel like I'm coming apart
So stitch me up

Throw me a smile
Pull me out of night
I feel like I'm going under
This time
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