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Campervan Man Lyrics

Andy Billington – Campervan Man Lyrics

The Politician and the weather man
Tell you lies about how the sky will be so blue
Here I am in my campervan
With my lights all bust and my faith all rust in the God above

As the tree's go by
Everything's all right
It's a peaceful life
With the canvas sky at night

'Cause I took a trip with the one I love
To the Cherry Tree where the happy surfers go
And all the while as the night came down
We were singing songs about the sea so blue

If you're in any doubt
Before the lights go out
Adventures on the road
Will follow as we go

The Poet Laureate and the singer man
Try their best to warn you
Life will be so blue
'Cause here I am on the road again
As the rain pours down on the skylight of my life

Well I don't even know
If it's stop or go
It's a lovers game
If you feel the same

Crazy curly haired singer man
Singing songs about my campervan
He won't stop the wheels turn
'Cause here
All the ways in which the wind may blow
When I'm wrapped up in my metal home
It won't stop the wheels turn

'Cause here I am in my campervan
With the great I AM in the firing line
For my lonely heart.
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