Well I tried too hard to hide. And I learned that you can’t win if you
Fight. So I pushed away everything that was right. You know I made a
Mistake. Forgive me tonight. I want you know I feel better today. And I’m
So sorry to hurt you that way.
I’ve got this old fear of mine that ruins the day. And I’m just gunna say
Goodbye. I’m no longer your slave. It just takes a little time for it all
Sink in. I know that I screwed up, so where do I begin. Puts you right back
At the start when everything was nice. It was one holy moment that changed
My life. Still sits with me now, or very close by. I had the pain my face,
And it dripped out your eye. Lord it broke my heart that I took it so far.
Come a little closer baby, you’re getting too far.
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Too Hard To Hide Lyrics

Andrew Duncan Brown – Too Hard To Hide Lyrics