Auto pilot been taking over my mind
Never can be quite sure if you're on the right flight
Oh, you really had me goin'
And I didn't even ask where
After all I was just a kid
That's why I run and hid

I'm sure you've heard by now that you better change
Gotta take all that old and re-arrange
This time I think I got it figured out
What this whole game has always been about
I lost two in a month's time
And I lost the third a week ago

Well auto pilot been ruinin' my world
And it's like some manipulative girls
When you see things ain't right
Don't fight just take it to your mind

Well I'm still goin'
But this time it's on my own
I will never ever follow you again
Let's just say we used to be friends
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Auto Pilot Lyrics

Andrew Duncan Brown – Auto Pilot Lyrics