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Freaks Lyrics

Anarbor – Freaks Lyrics

Come inside this closet, it's filled with friends
And there's enough smoke in to wake the dead
Seven of us, crowded in the same one space
I can't hide my eyes, I can’t feel my face
Cheap red wine, it stains your teeth
The courage for your lips, I came to see
When the sun goes down, it's feasting time
Because we sleep all day and we come alive at night

Only the freaks come out at night
Scared to death of the red and blue lights
Right or wrong, we just belong
Only the freaks come out at night
‘Cause tonight's the night
Tonight's the night

Turn on, tune in, drop out, my friends
Sleep when we're dead, the party never ends
If you're one of those freaks that comes out at night
Put this to your tongue and you'll feel alright


To everyone stuck in the middle (Know you're not alone)
To everyone in the fight (Know you're not alone)
From the desert to New York City
The freaks come out at night (Know you're not alone)

[Chorus] x2

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