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Before The World Ends Lyrics

Anarbor – Before The World Ends Lyrics

I like the way that you look at me, there's
Some other guy trying to steal my scene, and
You're kinda shy with lipstick smile but
Your eyes say it
Your eyes say it
I can't wait for this mess to start
The crowd spilled with paper stars
The way you look at me across the bar, well

Your eyes say it
They keep saying “Pull me closer, pull me in”
I'll buy you a drink and we can do it again
“Pull me closer, pull me in”, let me buy you a drink
Before the world ends

So follow me
Through these dead end streets
We'll make believe
This abandoned city sleeps
The night goes
On and on
On and on the night goes
So follow me

Hesitation lures the enemy
Keep your mind on the lock and key
I know you want me to set you free 'cause



In the morning you'll be over me
Rub your eyes, “I had the strangest dream”
Disappear from your memory
But you feel it
You still feel it
You still feel it
You still feel it

[Chorus] x2

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