Let’s wind the clocks back
We’re staring at each other
Staring at the wreckage that once was our shell
Decision’s made
You had my heart
And now I’ll show you
The end of our sick story

We were not supposed to leave
We were banished from ourselves
Sharing the blindness which made us fall
Are the answers left unsaid?
Nothing’s what it seems to be
Wanting the dawn, of a new light

You don’t wanna know
You have to face I’m over
I remember dying like I never did
The darkness’s tempting
Let’s give it a try
What happened to me
I don’t remember anyway

The coming of my worst fears
Black smoke
Blinding my eyes
Are we supposed to die?
Black oceans, black seas
It’s not a dream, it’s a memory

We drown, we die
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Live Together Die Alone Lyrics

An Ocean Between Us – Live Together Die Alone Lyrics