When you just thought that
It all was over
We rose up from our ashes
Tasting the fire
That ignites the flames within our hearts
Take a look at the sky
Beware we’re coming
You will have to face
An incoming impact
You’d better brace yourself

Taste the fire in our hearts
Here comes the storm
Let our poison take control
Here comes the storm
The light of dawn will guide us through the ocean
Here comes our storm

We crossed the seas
And the deepest of all rivers
In spite of growing waves
Ready to cross the oceans
And to take you all
Beware the storm, beware the coming

We will never die
We won’t fade away
A storm is coming
Don’t run
Don’t hide

Don’t try to run away
Don’t run face the storm
Don’t run here comes the storm
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Here Comes The Storm Lyrics

An Ocean Between Us – Here Comes The Storm Lyrics