Well today I saw your face again
It reminded me of snow
Yeah, you once that were all unique snowflakes
Well if that's true, you're a sun
And I melt with joy
Like we were children given perfect presents on Christmas Eve
And for once your parents were pleased
With the gifts that you recieved
But now we just seem to drift
Cause these days are getting older
And I just seem to be breaking
Cause I'm a lonely plastic toy now
Who dreams about your red overcoat
Yeah, the one you'd stuff me in your pocket
And pull me out when you felt alone

And now you're off to college
And I wish I was that computer desk
So I can constantly see you do your tests
And scribble and the useless words on the side
You know the ones where you'd write all those magnificent poems
About how your life seems to be broken
And hoping someone could pick up the pieces
But darling don't ever feel like you're alone
Cause your arms will be resting on my heart
And yes, you make open me up and take what you like
But can I just have one thing here tonight?
That is if I could kiss you
So that I may have your tongue on my heart.
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Today I Saw Your Face Lyrics

An Angle – Today I Saw Your Face Lyrics